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Join us for a

Life changing retreat in


with Master Oh

October 21st & 22nd

Transform your life with Qi
Receive universal energy to recharge, heal and realise your true purpose in life

Master Oh has been a Qi Master for more than 40 years. He’s worked across every continent and helped thousands of people to achieve their goals for health, happiness and spiritual connection through understanding how to receive Qi and clear their karma.

Join Master Oh on this unique and life-changing retreat in Monterrey, and begin the journey to finding universal connection and healing on every level.

Master Oh will guide you to understand the secrets of the Universe and recharge with universal energy. Realise the path to true inner happiness and discover your potential as a human being through a series of inspiring talks, meditations, a personal consultation and a healing Qi treatment. 

Following on from the retreat, on Monday, October 23rd, there will be a powerful group experience, offering a sacred ceremony to nature and experiencing a direct connection with the Mind of the Universe. During this ceremony, those who want to will have the opportunity to start Master Oh’s transformational Ancestor Healing Program.

After just a few days, you will leave feeling clear, energised, with deep gratitude and purpose for your life.

This retreat will help you:

  • Increase your energy
  • Strengthen your mind
  • Support your health
  • Clear negative emotions
  • Find inner happiness and peace
  • Find out how to clear Karma


A retreat to change your life

Situated in downtown Monterrey, Galería Plaza Monterrey is the ideal spot for a weekend of relaxation and healing with Master Oh and his team. Delight in cityscape views in a modern setting, curated for your comfort.

What To Expect On Our Retreat:

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Learn from Master Oh's incredible wisdom on topics such as Qi Energy, Universal mind, life, ancestors and karma.

Kim treatment min

Qi Treatment

Regain physical energy and emotional well-being through personal (one to one) acupressure-based Energy treatment.

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Qi Classes

Recharge and harness your Qi energy through simple chants, movements, and meditation to recharge the body and calm the mind.

Save the date for Ancestor Healing with Master Oh

Ancestor Healing is a profound and spiritual course which allows us to transform karmic patterns from their root and heal them for the whole family. 

During the retreat, Master Oh will explain how inherited patterns are affecting you and there will be an opportunity to have a personal consultation to discuss your family lineage with a Qi Master.

After the retreat, on Monday, October 23rdMaster Oh will lead an Ancestor Healing ceremony. For those who want to take part in Master Oh’s Ancestor Healing course, they will have the opportunity to join on this date.

If you want to find out more about Ancestor Healing, please get in touch.

Your Retreat Experience Includes:

    • Four Inspiring Talks

    • Two energising Qi classes

    • Guided meditations

    • A healing Qi Energy Treatment

    • Lunch

    • Refreshments

Master Oh has treated more than 10,000 people in more than 10 countries

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October 21st & 22nd
Time: 10:00 - 19:00
Hotel Galería Plaza Monterrey
Price: MXN 8,000


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Master Oh?

Master Oh is an accomplished Qi Master and energy healer. He is from South Korea where connection to the source of our life is deeply rooted in the respect and appreciation of our ancestors. He grew up in the mountains and had many experiences that led him to understanding the existence and power of Qi energy - how it is imperative to the way of the universe and so too for people's health and wellbeing.  He healed himself through learning to receive, circulate and contain the Qi energy and has devoted his life to sharing this energy with others, helping people to improve their health through his ability to transmit this energy. The spiritual connection and wisdom he has obtained through his decades of work is visible and profound.

How will Master Oh help me in this retreat?

Master Oh teaches people how to connect with the highest vibration of Qi energy, to support people's physical, mental and emotional health and to grow and brighten spiritually.

Through a series of deeply inspiring talks, seminars and classes Master Oh will you help you to understand what you have to do to take care of all forms of your health and how to practise and maintain this for the rest of your life.

What is Qi?

Qi is a universal vibration that supports our health, physical, emotional and mental. Qi is responsible for the communication between cells, organs and systems in the body, therefore it is vital for our well-being, our vitality and to increase the natural healing capacity of the human body.

After a Qi treatment, many people experience a new sense of peace, lightness and greater mental clarity.

What will I learn at this retreat?

ENERGY - You will find your true essence and recharge your life force energy

CONNECTION - You will learn to connect with the Mind of the Universe - the source of our life.

KARMIC PATTERNS - You will learn to heal your karmic patterns and learn about the influence of energy patterns inherited from ancestors. You will receive the opportunity to heal them by starting the Ancestors Healing Course on October 23rd with Master Oh if you choose to. You can also take part in this ceremony without taking part in Ancestor Healing, to receive this vibration and experience a deep connection with the universe.

LEARN ABOUT THE SECRET LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE: you will receive information about how the visible and invisible worlds work together to shape our lives.

Is food included?

Lunch and refreshments are included twice a day during the retreat's duration.